Ping: Building the Canadian Cloud Identity Ecosystem

Recently Ping Identity have been providing a huge helping hand to our CCN industry initiative  to make Canada a world leader in the field of Cloud computing.

Most notably John Fontana conducted and wrote up this excellent interview, and also Ping kindly hosted me at their Cloud Identity Summit in Toronto.

Here are my PPT slides: The presentation was the same theme as the ZDNet article – Building the Canadian Cloud Identity Ecosystem.

Zero Sign-on from Mobile Cloud Identity

This was a content rich afternoon session that covered all the essential mechanics of Cloud Identity, including showcasing the innovative work being pioneered by the mobile web services guys at Telus.

This includes Mobile Cloud Identity tools that enable app developers to create “Zero Sign-on” apps, presented by Andrew Johnstone of Telus.

In my presentation I then outlined the regulatory framework that Canada could deploy so these powerful features could be utilized for e.g. Government-secured applications.

A very interesting point Andrew made was how new “Cloud developers” aren’t as friendly to the relevant standards like SAML, preferring quicker off the shelf methods.

However I think ultimately they will find it was the smart thing to do as this standards support becomes the keystone foundation that enables expansion of tailored apps stores like for the public sector.

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